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Industrial tools offered by NISHIGUCHI CO., LTD. are used for manufacturing critical components including engines, brakes, transmissions, steering systems and the like, which are genuinely life-critical components. For this reason, manufacturing of such industrial tools in itself is a mission consigned only to highly reliable manufacturers. We constantly question ourselves “How can we attain a special geometry while pushing the boundaries of precision?” We at NISHIGUCHI CO., LTD. approach developing cutting-edge industrial tools by keeping an eye on the world’s most advanced technical intelligence. All of the industrial tools we offer are custom-made exclusively for machining precision components, which are not attainable through the use of ordinary shop-bought tools. Our policy is to assume an unshrinking and uncompromising attitude even toward highly demanding technical requirements. We design and develop products like no other company by examining optimal materials and designs and infusing them with our own ideas in a professional manner. Also, by responding to our customers’ requirements, our technical staff will grow significantly as humans as well as professional engineers. We pride ourselves on being able to give all of our effort to develop cutting-edge technologies while developing ourselves.

Corporate information
Corporate nameNISHIGUCHI CO., LTD.
Date of foundationApril 1, 1982
RepresentativeYoshihito Nishiguchi, Representative Director
Number of employees20
Business field Manufacturing and sales of carbide cutting tools and instruments
Headquarters 4-13-9, Yamaga-cho, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture,
581-0812 Japan
Tel. +81-72-997-5022 (Main)
Fax. +81-72-099-71588
Toyohashi Plant 21-4, Tonya-cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture,
441-8086 Japan
Tel. +81-532-35-3022
Fax. +81-532-35-3021

Corporate History
1982Founded Nishiguchi Seisakusyo in Fukumanji, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture
1985Relocated to Yamaga-cho, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture
1985Incorporated as NISHIGUCHI CO., LTD.
1990Expanded plant to enlarge its operations
1992Constructed new office building for the headquarters
1992 Opened Toyohashi Office at Aza Togami, Muro-cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
2000 Constructed Toyohashi Plant at Hashira, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
2008 Relocated Toyohashi Plant to Tonya-cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
2018 Enlarged Toyohashi Plant
2020 Assigned Yoshihito Nishiguchi to position of Representative Director
2020 Enlarged plant at the headquarters

Line Of Bussiness
  • Diamond tools
  • Cermet reamers
  • Cermet tools
  • Burnishing drills and reamers
  • Special reamer cutters
  • Forming reamers
  • Carbide special quills
  • Carbide special precision centers
  • Other carbide jigs